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Производственная линия
Фабрика на Яндекс Карте
Термовойлок (мебельный войлок), погрузчик
Производственное помещение
The company was established in 1963 as the Antropshinskaya recycling factory on the basis of a leather factory and currently. The main product of the factory was batting made from recycled materials. Further development of production has led to the expansion of the manufactured range of products.
For a long time of work factory, a certain set of rules and guidelines has been formed for successful work with large orders and with almost any customers. At the moment, the factory has ample opportunity to create various types of high quality nonwovens.
In production, such methods of fastening fabrics as needle punching and thermal bonding are used. And also a combination of methods.
FANEMA supplies products to consumers throughout Russia. We are ready to experiment and cooperate with any customer. Highly qualified staff and advanced production tools make it possible to increase the range and fully meet the needs of our new and existing partners.
In 1995. LTD "FANEMA" got its current name.
Every year the factory increases the volume of supplied products. This growth gives us the opportunity to improve our existing machine tools and purchase new, more technologically advanced manufacturing lines, improve the skills of existing specialists and train new employees.
Twelve production lines for various purposes allow us to cooperate with enterprises from different industries: footwear, furniture, construction.
Фабрика на Яндекс Карте
Name of company: FANEMA
Form of business: ООО
TIN: 4705065170
Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP): 470501001
Business/postal address: 188322, Leningradskaya oblast, Kommunar, Antropshinskaya ulitsa, 157/3, litera B, pom. 1-H
Bank: PJSC “Bank “Saint-Petersburg”
Account: 40702 810 7 9025 000065
Correspondent account: 30101 810 9 0000 0000790
Primary State Registration Number (OGRN): 1144705001792